Chosen by over 100+ happy clients
Chosen by over 100+ happy businesses

FULL fire safety inspections across QLD

From evacuation training to fire safety inspections, we handle everything you need to ensure your property is fully compliant with QLD regulations.

  • Complete QLD fire compliance
  • Fire warden training
  • Evacuation training & diagrams
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Fire safety is essential for every building

Protect your team, assets, and reputation by ensuring your premises are fire safety compliant.

Avoid legal and financial penalties

Protect lives and property

Ensure business continuity and security

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annual fire safety inspection with training
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Secure Your Businesses Future

Fire Auditors is your ally in navigating fire safety with precision and care. Our expert audits and bespoke training not only keep you compliant but also safeguard your team and operations.

Site specific training

Evacuation plans & diagrams

Fire warden training

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Streamline Your Compliance

Ordit delivers real-time compliance oversight, ensuring tasks are tracked and security is unmatched.

Real-time task monitoring

Automated reminders for efficiency

Robust AWS-powered security

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How do we compare to other auditors?

Not all fire auditors are the same.


Independent Auditors

Site Specific Training

Paperless System

Signed Occupier's Statements

Our Own App For All Clients

Any QLD Location (Rural Included)

"We have been using the Fire Auditors for about 4 years now, really happy, good advice, always available for help."


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Is an Occupier's statement required for my property?

Absolutely. Beyond legal compliance, fire audits protect your assets, team, and reputation, significantly reducing risk and ensuring a safer working environment for everyone.


It's easy to overlook the finer details of things that have been the same way ever since you have been there.
We are not in your business every day and we are looking at everything in a different perspective. We work with you to achieve compliance not only in fire, but with safety and common sense work practices.

Are the costs of fire audits justified?

Investing in a fire audit can save you from costly fines, potential legal action, and jeopardise any insurance claim, not to mention the premiums you pay each year being in vein, making it a wise decision in mitigating risk.

Will the audit process disrupt my business operations?

We strive for minimal disruption, scheduling audits at your convenience and working efficiently to ensure your business can continue operations smoothly during the process.

how regular do i need to GET AN OCCUPIER'S STATEMENT?

We recommend regular 12-monthly fire audits to maintain compliance and address any changes in your business , the building or legislation.

What are my legal requirements under the regulations?

Under Queensland's regulations, your legal requirements for fire safety include:

  • Following the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 for safety measures and evacuation plans.
  • Meeting the Queensland Development Code Part MP 6.1 for fire safety installation maintenance.
  • Abiding by the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990 for overall safety compliance.
  • Maintaining fire protection systems and equipment in line with Australian Standard AS 1851.
  • Ensuring your building complies with the National Construction Code (NCC) for fire safety.
  • Developing and implementing a Fire Safety Management Plan (FSMP) specific to your premises.
  • Appointing Fire Safety Advisers if your building has high occupancy, to guide on fire safety issues.
  • Creating and regularly practicing Evacuation Coordination Procedures for safe and efficient building evacuation.
  • Conducting regular maintenance and testing of all Fire Safety Installations to guarantee they are functional.
  • Keeping accurate records of all fire safety maintenance, testing, and training activities conducted.

These requirements are crucial for ensuring the safety of your premises and compliance with state laws.


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Chosen by over 100+ happy clients